5 Ways To Share The Love This Week

5 Ways To Share The Love This Week

Are you one of the many who faithfully observe Valentine's Day each year? If so, I have some ideas for you!

Here are five gifts that will make sharing the love this week worth it:

  1. For the woman who is tired of being stuck inside, remind her of her outdoorsy, adventurous side: Mountain Rays Collection, with gorgeous combinations of Turquoise + White Buffalo Turquoise     
  2. For the young girl who has been working hard to learn virtually and weather her year hanging with her parents ;) Sunshine Gifts, your choice of uplifting card + small stamped silver earrings.   
  1. For the woman who knows what she wants: Gift Cards are always a good place to start! They get to choose what they want + you win all the way around!   Gift card for purchase
  2. For the thrifty, go-getter in your family: Surprise Boxes, $100+ worth of jewelry for $30! Only one left!   
  3. For the new-mama-to-be: Sending her a Mama Love Care Package with prenatal massage oil, lightly scented candle, meditation beads, and more will be a perfect gift!   mama love care package candle massage oils meditation beads


Enjoy your Valentine's Day...remember, it's all about the love!

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