Cravings of a Closet Creative

Cravings of a Closet Creative

Do you have a creative part of you that you only channel into buying lots of art supplies in the hopes of creating a masterpiece...or nothing at all? I have! And, I will tell you that it is not serving you for the long run…

If I look back at all of the instances of my life that I have circled around to creative outlets, they all have some thread in common: the satisfaction of creating colorful and unique pieces of art and giving them away (or selling them) to friends and family. “I made this!” has been my favorite saying since I was little little. I learned how to make my first pair of earrings in third grade, even though I didn’t get my ears pierced until sixth grade. Growing up, my neighbor and I made little ghosts with googly eyes and yarn to sell for 50 cents in the neighborhood when we were fourth graders. We sold a few, and one made it back to me from our neighbor when I was in college. I have it hanging on my studio wall to this day!

Since then, I have wire wrapped and beaded, felted and knit, photographed, woven, drawn and painted so many things (ugly, uglier, and a few pieces to be proud of) that I have amassed an incredible amount of supplies that are just sitting, waiting to be used.

Leftover materials collecting dust and taking up precious real estate in my studio and closets are just constant reminders of unsatisfied desires to express my creativity. They are the promises that I fail to keep to myself. The prehistoric bones in the sand that I could, if I had the time and the mental space, to uncover and be proud to say that “I made something today!” Well, I am not going to do any of that discovery if I don’t carve out 5-10 minutes to get started.

We all seek social media or tv series or Instagram feeds for quick entertainment. What if you treated your creative craving as such? What small delight might you feel or make if you spent those fifteen minutes (or the hour?!!) you get sucked into social media to create something to put out into the world? Would you feel a bit more grounded, more aware of your thoughts and feelings?

If you can relate, I challenge you to think small and just put pencil to paper and draw a line...then draw a squiggly line...then draw around the whole sheet of paper...then draw scraggily mountain range, with tall and short peaks...then remember that hike you took in Colorado where the mountain air smelled so clean and crisp while you were breathing deeply. Just breathe and begin again.

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