Dreaming of Western Bohemian Earrings...silver + turquoise + leather

Dreaming of Western Bohemian Earrings...silver + turquoise + leather

Are you seeking more options for your casual office wear or have a holiday party coming up soon? I created all of these little beauties of silver + turquoise + brass + leather hoops and teardrops because I couldn't find a nice pair of leather earrings that weren't all ratty on the sides.

I swoon over leather, how it smells, how it lays, how it curls when it hangs from your ears. People who know how to work with leather, but tooling it or weaving it, are able to make this sustainable "fabric" into masterpieces of art. I wanted to do that for you too!


Hammering brass and sterling silver into hoops that are so light while eye-catching is so satisfying to me, as a designer. Cutting out and pairing turquoise with yummy dark chocolate leather is another love of mine. The sky blue gemstones pop when placed in front of the chocolate background. These hang very beautifully and are so light, you won't even know they are on!


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