Rockin' The Fall Look 2018

Rockin' The Fall Look 2018

Are you an online fashion hunter? Or are you a catalog peruser? I have to say that after spending too much time growing up going to the mall, I am a steadfast catalog and online clothes junkie!

I am little, by little starting to venture into our local boutiques. I love them for their unique collections and getting to know the business owner...getting to know my community.

More on boutiques later, so let’s move on to some of the staples you will need to rock this early fall season while buying in your pajamas!

Poet Shirt + Artisan Sweater Shirt

One of my favorite catalogs to swoon over is Sundance Catalog! I’m not an affiliate, but a huge fan. I was in high school when we started getting it sent to our house and how I dreamed to wear all of the embroidered and artistic clothes and, don’t even get me started on the jewelry. Beyond being elegantly photographed and styled, they have kept their essentials the same while updating them as new trends come around. These tops will weather the cold mornings and warm afternoons from work to happy hour.





Long-sleeved embroidered dress + sweater dress

No introduction needed for Prana designs. They embody the modern, active women's ethos and effortlessly create collections that reflect current trends. I love how sweater dresses and those with a little embroidery can be dressed up for work or down for a laid-back, casual look.

When I was teaching, dresses were my go to because they were so simple. I decided whether I was going to wear leggings or not, picked out my shoes, and then out the door! Depending on what fabric you choose (e.g. acrylic sweater fabric or wool), the dress can take you through the cold weather of the winter and spring too (a.k.a. Nine month cold season...the price you pay living in mountain country).






The Vest + The Wrap + The Poncho

Not only fashionable, but practical, a vest can take you a long way through the chilly season and is an essential piece of clothing for your nomadic life.

One reason why I love vests is because it adds depth to someone’s look. If you do it right, people will take a longer time looking at you, checking you out, but not in a bad way. If you are looking for a more subtle look, the layering of muted colors, such as the model in the Synergy photo, will stand out as put together while being relaxed and comfy. When you put high-contrast colors together, like the model in the white top and dark vest, you will be making a louder statement. Her blend of romantic white top and dark, geometric vest creates a warm, boho look, without being edgy.

Wraps and ponchos are another way to spice up your look this early fall!

Subtle or loud, you can go for the look in the morning and strip it off when temperatures climb in the afternoon. I need a lot of variety in my clothing, especially if I’m zipping off to work, so wraps and ponchos give me that satsifaction. As always with your boho look, pairing your tops with leggings or jeans, even to work (depending on where you go), is the way to go!







Scarves + Hats

Oh, how I love the boho hats! Let me count the fun and such a variety for each face shape!

Honestly, when the Fedora came out as a trend a few years ago, I never thought it would catch on. I couldn’t see mainstream women wearing a symbol of gangsters and mobsters of the 1920’s. I was wrong...and I’m glad that it’s a vital piece of a boho gal’s wardrobe. With your same, comfortable outfit you always wear, adding a hat to the mix can make it fun and distiguishable.

A hat is for the confident and strong woman who wants to differentiate herself from the crowd. Go for it! 




Another fun, cozy addition to your outfit are scarves. They can be bold or muted, funky or tame. Whatever style you choose, wear it bunched up around your neck with a little tail over the shoulder or in front to show off the edges. Edges of scarves are just as important as the fabric. Tassles or organic threads are a perfect compliment to the boho look for fall.







The Jewelry

When we talk about the Western Boho woman’s look, we can’t forget that the jewelry is the cherry on top. You can wear the most muted, monotone outfit and it will shine with the jewelry!

You can go full on with the leather and Pendleton wool jewelry from Wind + The Wanderer or you can simplify with their hammered silver and brass hoops. Soft and light leather paired with turquoise stones and sterling silver is the key to this year’s boho look. Feel sassy and grounded to the Earth wearing one of these pieces!

All the more satisfying is knowing that your jewelry is made from up-cycled leather and recycled silver, plus a portion of your purchase goes to help fund conservation education. You can’t go wrong with this look!


Wind + The Wanderer Sustainable Fashion Jewelry

  Wind + The Wanderer leather jewelry Pendleton wool



For the love of Boots

The last item of your fall look needs to be carefully attended to...the boot.

Are you a shoe person? I am. A funny story: I asked my husband the other day to bring me my cowgirl boots to a picnic since I had forgotten and we had driven separately. He showed up with three pairs from my closet, oops! I knew I had an issue, but it slapped me right in my face. Well, I wear all three for different occasions and love them all.

You don’t have to buy three pairs, but you should choose one. Brown, black, tall, short. Whatever color and flavor, try to blend it with the look or make your look all about the boots!



(                                          (


Have fun out there this fall! Don’t stress about your look. Find something that is comfortable and add a little boho flair, if before work you realize that you don’t know what to wear!

Again, I am not an affiliate of any of these brands, just a fan. If you are curious about what leather jewelry you can grab this fall, shop our site

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