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  • Spring Cleaning for the Soul

    You’ve heard about it.

    You’ve listened to people “do it” in their houses.

    You are probably either taking a break from it or are avoiding it while you are reading this

    post…right now...

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  • My New Year's Resolution for 2019

    I’m a pretty analog person living and adapting to a digital world, and it’s not all that bad. View Post
  • The lookbook that almost wasn't...

    To say that the day of our photo shoot was doomed, would have been a bit dramatic. Though, it was the worst conditions: Stormy, overcast, and windy with a high chance of thunderstorms. Read more... View Post
  • Cravings of a Closet Creative

    We all seek social media or tv series or Instagram feeds for quick entertainment. What if you treated your creative craving as such? What small delight might you feel or make if you spent those fifteen minutes (or the hour?!!) you get sucked into social media to create something to put out into the world? Would you feel a bit more grounded, more aware of your thoughts and feelings? View Post

Hey there!

I'm Kaia, the Chief Wanderer + Artist here.

I am obsessed with modern Southwest + Northwest design. I love creating lightweight statement jewelry for you!

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