White Buffalo Collection Lookbook is Here!

White Buffalo Collection Lookbook is Here!

I'm so excited to launch this mini-collection full of beautiful White Buffalo "Turquoise"! (If you wonder why I put the word Turquoise in quotes, read my blog post on it HERE)

The mixing of white + black + clear striations in this stone lends itself to designing fun, modern rustic jewelry that embody the New Western soul. My long-time friend, another woman who grew up in New Mexico as I did, is showing off this White Buffalo Collection so well! 

Latina black shirt circle necklace

Modern rustic necklace + White Buffalo Turquoise hoop earrings

echinacea flowers silver necklace earrings

Stamped rustic necklace + stamped silver drop earrings

Leather silver white buffalo turquoise necklace silver earrings

Stamped silver drop earrings + Half Moon White Buffalo Turquoise Necklace

white buffalo turquoise silver necklaces

Keepsake White Buffalo Turquoise Necklaces

 Silver stamped earrings

Oval stamped silver hoops

Silver stamped necklaces

Modern rustic silver necklaces

White Buffalo turquoise hat pin

Solstice Moon Hat Pin

White Buffalo studs silver

White Buffalo Turquoise studs

Silver necklace earrings COVID mask

Sporting that mask wearing oval stamped silver earrings + Half Moon necklace

Leather silver stamped earrings

Rustic Moon silver + leather earrings

Heart shape white Buffalo turquoise necklace

Keepsake White Buffalo Turquoise necklace

Eating flowers turquoise shirt

Getting sassy with it!

Launch of my mini-collection of White Buffalo Turquoise will be on Thursday, August 13, 2020 @6pm PST. Check the White Buffalo Collection page to grab your one of kind stone jewelry today!


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