• Turquoise + Golden Braid Necklace
  • Turquoise + Golden Braid Necklace

Turquoise + Golden Braid Necklace

Only for the wild, western Bohemian, the Turquoise + Golden Braid Necklace is a show-stopper! It was NOT created for the wishy-washy trend follower. This festival season you will be flaunting your gold-dipped fringe paired with turquoise beads and oxidized sterling silver! This necklace is perfect for making your statement that you are a strong woman with earthy roots and a swagger in her step.

These luminous golden and turquoise beauties are stunning and earthy at the same time. Soft, cognac leather wrapped in oxidized sterling silver set off the turquoise beads to create a stunning combination. Rough around the edges, but still feminine and eye-catching, you will be incredibly happy with this necklace!

Product Details:

  • Cognac leather fringe hand-painted with gold acrylic paint
  • Stabilized Kingman turquoise beads
  • Handmade oxidized sterling silver chain, wrap, and clasp
  • Hammered brass rings
  • Total necklace length: 8.5 in.

MADE TO ORDER: The small amount of leather remnants I get restricts the number of these I can make, so get them now! Take Note: May take up to 1-2 weeks to be ready to ship once an order is placed.

Let your free-spirited style and inner beauty shine!

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