No. 8 Turquoise pair B

Reminiscent of blue-green waters, split by a stream of minerals, this pair of wabi-sabi trapezoids of No. 8 Turquoise will fulfill your dreams!

Choose one design that inspires you to wander over mountains and streams, or just find one that makes for a perfect gift and looks stunning this holiday season!


Product details:

 > Solid, natural No. 8 Turquoise stones

 > Main designs will be in Sterling Silver with silver (or 14K gold optional) wrapping/bezel to secure stones in place.

 >Earrings will be made from Sterling Silver (or 14K gold optional)

How to claim your design?

 > Select the design you want and pay for it at checkout

 > The cost is an estimate of cost to make your piece, which won't change very much at the end unless you choose to personalize it more.

 > Made-to-order pieces, like this one, takes between 3-4 weeks depending on demand. If you need a quicker turnaround, there will be a surcharge depending on how fast you need it. Just know that at holiday times (Christmas and Mother's Day), I most likely won't be able to accommodate you. 

 > Any questions? Email me at: