The Anja Collection: Water = Life Inspiration

The Anja Collection: Water = Life Inspiration

Can I just tell you that this PNW heat is getting to me...I moved away from the summer NM heat and dry wind to the High Desert of Central Oregon over twenty years ago.


What?! Aren't you living in a desert, you say? 


Yes we are, but we normally have more moisture than NM (humidity and precipitation). So, to feel this hot and dry wind day after day has been messing with my mind!


So, where do I escape to? My dreams!


I don't know about you, but I have had so many water dreams lately. Last night, I stood on a random porch to open the door and find three feet of snow in front of me! 


 Woman in snow goggle in front of snowy mountain


Another dream carried me to the ocean and was so vivid in its deep blues, Pacific coast grays and lapping ocean sounds, that I felt like I was there!

 Mt Hood with snow and Trillium Lake in front of it


Then, something came to me...this need to create art that taps into my NM upbringing plus honors my Scandinavian heritage! Bring on the Robin's Egg blue, muted silver + copper, indigo, and muted green.


copper beads, feathers, and turquoise on a wooden table Beaded and silver cuffs on woman's wrist


I chose to call this collection, the Anja Collection, conjuring an image of a strong, Nordic woman like so many of my ancestors, who gain strength from their surroundings in the mountains and on the sea. 


Woman with blonde hair wearing leaf shaped earrings

When I was little, my mother would describe to me how one of my great-grandmothers got on a boat at 18 years old and sailed away from her mother and siblings to the United States. She left her familiar life for a new one with her extended family.


Not getting very many details of how she felt or how the journey was for her, I created my own story of her and her fears and hopes on that new adventure. Overall, it's the inner strength and calmness she must have had that I tap into whenever things get stressful. 

beaded bracelets in a wooden bowl silver and Amazonite teardrop earrings


There will always be stress and trials to endure in our lives...look at what the world is living through right now... and we need reminders of better days, our connections to our past and people around us, and stories that bring us hope for change in the future. 


I hope you find your little reminder in the Anja Collection! Launching August 11, 2021 for email subscribers and August 12th for the public!


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