You want it all: gorgeous, unique jewelry designs that accentuate and celebrate your free-spirit, plus be handcrafted from ethical and sustainable materials.

Looking good, feeling good, and living lightly on this planet are so important and they should be the norm for modern fashion! You refuse to give up one for the other. 

Love is what drives you...love of the land, the legacy of clean water and air for your children, love of traveling and being adventurous, love of your community. We need a lot more of people like you in the world my dear!


 Three Sisters mountains mountain turquoise silver bracelet echinacea silver necklace white buffalo turquoise ring


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About Me:

I grew up in New Mexico, wandering in the open arroyos and sagebrush. The curiosity that fueled my explorations while catching lizards and watching burrowing owls in their nests has stayed with me. Throughout my world travels, I was ever more convinced of our interdependence with the land, surrounding ecosystems. 

Being a positive part of my community and supporting my clients by helping them tell their stories through metal + stone, I my greatest goal! That legacy is coupled with teaching young girls how to integrate being in the outdoors into their lives. 

You are an essential part of my story. Thank you!




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