You love jewelry as well as throwing on a backpack to head into the woods.

People call you a daydreamer, free-spirited, and a nomad.

You live your life to impact others in positive ways, support your local artists + community, and want to teach your children how to respect the Earth.

Well, friend, I am just as passionate about those ideas as you are!

 Together, WE ARE the change we wish to see in the world.


western silver stamped rings on a Navajo rug Smith Rock genuine leather mixed metal earrings and necklace


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 When I decided to start Wind + The Wanderer, I wanted to create a business that gave me the flexibility to combine all of passions: creating art, being an entrepreneur, supporting girls' outdoor and science programs, and using as many re-purposed + recycled materials in my jewelry and packaging as I could.

Each of those elements are threads that I have followed throughout my life. 
western southwestern silver and turquoise ring with stamped silver rings bohemian woman wearing southwestern leather dangle earrings 
I was raised in New Mexico, soaking up the beauty of the artistic giants like painters Georgia O-Keefe and John Nieto, and the myriad of other Native, white and Hispanic artists who flourished there.


I had to try all of the mediums growing up, but I especially loved creating something I could use. In third grade, I created my first pair of earrings, and even though I didn't have my ears pierced yet, I made them for my friends and sported the clip on versions myself.

As I got older and left for college in Oregon, my path turned towards studying Earth and Environmental Science. After I graduated, not having much of a plan (other than to save the planet...), I realized that teaching was going to be my next step. I loved working with kids, and even though I didn't start off teaching science, I landed in the next best position: teaching in Special Education.


compass turquoise and silver pendant on leather cuff braceletwoman smiling with jean jacket and western leather jewelrysilver and turquoise and leather long necklaces


My daughter came along while I was teaching sixth and seventh grade science. Going back to work was a tough proposition, so I decided at the end of the school year to resign and stay at home with my little one. During nap times and down times, I took online classes to do mixed media painting. I needed a creative outlet to balance my full immersion into "baby land". I needed to find my artistic flow without too much thinking, as I had little brain power from being sleep deprived.

Mixed media painting was my jam! It was my emotional release from being a cooped up mom and the absence of a career (at the moment) that I needed. But it wasn't going to be my business...every time I thought of selling and marketing my paintings, my inspiration would dry up. 


woman with bohemian silver and turquoise jewelry looking off onto Smith Rock State Park Oregon


One day, the idea of combining all of my passions came together...and Wind + The Wanderer was born. I could paint on leather, use my silversmithing skills, combine my love for the Southwest art + leather colors of the Northwest, while funding valuable programs getting girls outside and being low impact on the Earth! I want it all damn it!

Thank you so much for coming along on this crazy journey! I hope to personally meet you someday!




bohemian leather artist photo