Paying It Forward: $1 Per Sale Donated To Girls' Outdoor + Science Programs!

Paying It Forward: $1 Per Sale Donated To Girls' Outdoor + Science Programs!

I’m super excited to announce that from every piece of high-quality leather and mixed metal jewelry you buy from me, Wind + The Wanderer will donate $1!


Why am I doing this?

Well, this has been one of my goals of building this business. I believe it’s my duty as part of my community to give back and support girls’ outdoor and science education.

When I taught in Redmond, OR middle schools, I kept coming back to this idea that kids learn best “in context”. This means in order to fully understand Earth’s amazing processes, kids should go put their hands in the dirt, handle rocks, find fossils, hike up mountains, take pictures of canyons, and be in the natural world. No matter how well the science curriculum is put together in schools, there is no better teacher than being in nature and experiencing it for oneself.

Unless your school is specifically designed to incorporate outdoor learning into its mission and design and budget, like Realms Middle School in Bend or Jane Goodall Environmental School in Salem, many kids will never get the experiences they could have. It is the non-profits and museums that fill in that gap, and they can't do it well without businesses and individuals donating to make hands-on science and outdoor camps possible!

Why just focus on supporting girls?

Girls bonding over sweaty brows as they collect water insects and dig for earthworms is something special! When girls get to move through the “Eww!” to the “Awww” of nature, together, they strip away the socialization that they have grown up in to be scared and disgusted with nature.

And without the added gender dynamic where girls let the boys dictate what the group does next, girls get to develop and trust their own knowledge, their own voice, and trust in the power of cooperating with other girls.

Now, you can be a part of young girls' journeys into becoming their powerful selves! That Wind + The Wanderer bracelet or necklace you buy as a present for Mother's Day or someone's birthday will help girls get outdoors and learn science! Thank You!


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