The Stress-less Guide to Giving Mindful Gifts!

The Stress-less Guide to Giving Mindful Gifts!

Nod your head yes if you find the up-coming holiday season stressful, not because you have to plan the celebrations and organize the travel plans to see relatives, but because gifts!

My sister-in-law was the most difficult person to find a gift for. Every Christmas I scour the stores and online options for what I could give her. She loved high fashion and crazy expensive, not my forte. I’d have gotten my shopping done for everyone else and she would be my last person. I would have such anxiety about finding her a present, I liken it to cleaning my bathroom...something that I had to do but resisted at every turn!

I was so proud one year that I thought I found the perfect solution for her: a gift certificate for a customizable lotion company. She could pick out her own scents, her own lotion base, and have control over the whole process. As she opened up the envelope, I saw a micro-sneer of disappointment on her face. I, again, felt defeated in putting forth any effort in finding her a good gift. I still had hope that she’d try it out, but when I helped my brother and his family move to another house a few years later, I found that gift certificate pathetically laying among their bookshelf. Agh!

I feel like this is a universal experience among our society. Giving gifts = STRESS 

This is evident in the millions of dollars each year put into gift cards. Possibly the most lazy way of gifting (as I have done this many a time), but could be turned into the best gift (read more about this later).

Giving gifts should be pleasant for both the people buying and receiving.

This is where I went in search of a more thoughtful way to find a good gift and sends the receiver the message, “I see you and I appreciate you.”

The presents I loved have been from my friends who have given me something they made or family members who paid attention to the slightest detail and gave me a gift I could use right away. 

Well, I have gone through and helped you out this season...I created a free, downloadable guide that helps you figure out what a good, thoughtful gift would be for people and a table of ideas when you are stumped! 

Click HERE to download your FREE Mindful Gift Guide

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