What is White Buffalo Turquoise?

What is White Buffalo Turquoise?

White Buffalo Turquoise is a striking stone with its distinct white and black coloring. It is formed in the same way that regular Turquoise is, as it forms into veins within a host rock.

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It was originally called White Buffalo, but the addition of the name “turquoise” is a bit of a misnomer. It is not a true Turquoise because it is not blue or green, due to the lack of copper, iron, or zinc oxides within the stone. It is only found in four small mines in Nevada.

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Its characteristic black, spidery matrix is a stone called chert, which adds to the incredible variation of each piece you get.

Some stones have developed a clear, calcite striation inside the stone. 

white buffalo turquoise black leather sterling silver necklace white buffalo turquoise necklaces sterling silver

What I love about the stone is that it pairs well with lots of colors (black, white, purple, pink, turquoise, teal, gray, etc.)! 

white buffalo turquoise sterling silver necklaces black hat flowers

I am excited to launch my new White Buffalo Turquoise Collection on Thursday, August 13, 2020 @ 6pm PST.

Each stone is unique, so these will be one-of-a-kind pieces. Do not wait, they will sell out fast!

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