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Have you ever wanted to work with a jewelry designer to create something unique and special? Ever thought that having something custom made for you would be too expensive? 
When you work with me, we can come up with designs that work for you and are within your budget! 
Do you have a special talisman of your wanderings, like a rock or arrow head, or jewelry that your grandmother used to wear? We can incorporate your keepsakes into your designs!


My designs:

I love creating designs that are modern + have a rugged southwestern/western feel. This comes from living and wandering all around the western part of the US. With that being said, I also incorporate details from my Norweigian + German heritage plus ideas from immersing myself in Latin America. Colorful or muted, I can find beauty in it all!

The metals I use range from sterling silver to 14K gold, white and rose gold. I rarely work with cut diamonds, but revel in creating designs around rough cut and organic shaped precious + semi-precious stones. My goal is to use as much reclaimed + ethically sourced materials as possible!

 turquoise spiral necklace white buffalo silver studs leather silver mountain bracelet hawk silver necklace leather

How my process works:

  • Custom designs from start to finish take about 4-5 weeks
  • Week 1: Place your deposit of $50 (this covers your 45 min. introductory virtual meeting with me + initial designs), I will send you an Interest Questionnaire to complete + a link to make a virtual appointment
  • Week 2: Virtual appointment with me + initial drafting of designs sent to you
  • Week 3: Second draft of designs approved + 50% non-refundable deposit on materials 
  • Week 4/5: I work on your piece, then your custom is sent out to you! 




Please take a look at my gallery of previous custom designs and the rest of my website to get a feel for my style + design sense! If you still have questions, please reach out by email at